A Short History

A Short History

BE: “Before the Elves”: We know little about the Islands or the peoples who lived there before the Elves came.

E1: The Elves arrive on their ships and dragons and started to settle Grad’Nar d’ Illik Island. The Elves soon met the Ancients. After much negotiation and discussion, the Ancients and the Elves came to an “Accord of Friendship”. In the Accord, Elves were allowed to settle Grad’Nar d’ Illik, a forested island, and from there the Elves could only use one of the Ancient’s ports to traded with them. The Elves started to trade with the Ancients for rare items that only the Ancients could make. In exchange, the Elves traded food, drink and other items, from anywhere the Elves could find, that where new and exciting to the Ancients. The Ancients had diverse and peculiar tastes.

E500: The knowledge of the Elves trading with the Ancients spread to the mainland, and the younger races started becoming jealous of the wealth and power of the Elves. Unlike the patient Elves, who were willing to invest hundreds of years cultivating a relationship with the Ancients, the younger races wanted things now. So they set out to demand their own trading relationships. First the Humans, then the Dwarves, and finally the Orcs, each tried, each failed.

E600: Undeterred, the great Migration began when the first Dwarvish war barge landed on the Islands. The Dwarves immediately stormed the nearest mountain, claimed it as theirs and quickly began tunneling for precious metals. The Humans came next, seeking technology and land. They started by settling along the bays and rivers. While the peasants started to farm and fishermen started to fish, the soldiers started to claim the island’s lands. The Orcs and Goblins saw they had been left behind by the Elves, Dwarves and Humans, and felt rage. A great Orc Chieftain rallied a great horde of Orcs, Goblins and Orges, pile them into the mammoth Orc carriers and set sail for the islands.

E650: Dwarves from their mountain watchtowers, and Humans from their fishing vessels, saw the horde approaching. An old enemy approached, but this time the Dwarves and Humans knew the Orcs were not coming to attack them, as the Orcs had sent diplomats ahead to build an alliance to take the Ancient’s technology and wealth.

The Human, Orc and Dwarf armies met on the La Pampas of Rosita and the proceeded to attack the main Ancient’s city. Then the Ancients unleashed hell onto their enemies. While the Dwarves, Orcs and Humans had the numbers; the Ancients had magical weapons more powerful then anything in the world. Tales of the wars, recount how whole units perishing at the hands of a single armored Ancient wielding sword of fire and light and casting powerful spells.

E670: After 20 years, the Ancients had pushed the remains of the Human, Dwarvish and Orc armies to the edge of the Sword Island. The Ancients were on the cusp of totally destroying all three invaders. The survivors of the war say that one of the oddest things happened, a blue light appeared, as though a door was opened in a dark room, and the Ancients just walk into it and disappear. No Ancient has been seen since.

When the Humans, Dwarves and Orcs went searching for the remains of the Ancient’s cities, they found nothing. It was as though the Ancients never existed on the islands.

So the Humans, Dwarves and Orcs turned to the Elves, and after much discussion and argument, the Elves permitted their lands to be searched, when no Ancients were found, the war was over.

E680: After 10 years of negotiation, and confidence measures, all four of races signed the Great Peace Treaty, which established the Sunlit Empire. With this Treaty, all four communities committed to live side by side in peace, with free trade and movement across the islands. For some reason, Sunlit Empire worked. The Peace held, new communities were built, and prosperity and peace filled the lands.

The younger races saw how the Elves had been a positive influence on the negotiations leading to the Great Peace, and a government was formed to enforce the peace. Soon the younger races adopted many of the Elvish ways of government and religion.

It was established in the Constitution of the Sunlit Empire, that an Emperor would be the head of the Government and would be an Elf. A Great Counsel was also established and was made up of Elders, Nobles, Chieftains & Bosses from the various island communities. The Great Counsel crafted the island’s laws and settled disputes between communities and islands, with the final authority resting with the Emperor.

Religiously, originally the younger Races practice several forms of shamanism, spirit worship, and voodoo. Once the Great Peace happened, and the younger races looked up to their Elvish brethren and adopted the Elvish tradition of The 17.

E1600: nearly 1000 hundred years later, the Ancients had become a myth. Some people deny they ever really existed; pointing out that there is no evidence they ever existed.

The Sunlit Empire collapses when Emperor Anton IX dies without a clear heir, which leads to a power struggle amongst the Fae’s ruling elite. While the Elves struggled amongst themselves to decide who will be the next Emperor, the younger races decide to create their own solutions to the crisis and declare independence.

Unfortunately without the balance and patience of the Elves to guide the younger races, war broke out between them, which lasted a 100 years.

E1700: As the war went on, each of the combatants drained their countries treasures. After their annual Folkmoot, Gunndar was the first combatant to stop fighting. That left the major conflict between the Kingdoms of Rosita and Freyland, but they were not much better off financially. Both Rosita and Freyland had not paid their soldiers and sailors for years, both of which were little better then slave warriors. 

On the “Eve of Light”, a significant old religious holiday that was celebrated by all the religious traditions, squadrons from both Rosita’s and Freyland’s navies were about to engage in another sea battle. Both navies had dropped off their Marines on one of the Milton Islands to again try to capture control of that strategic position, while the navies had lined up for another sea battle. Dr. Smith, a Milton Island historian, describe what happened next:

“The Commander of the Freyland navy was in the lead ship preparing for battle, when instead of ordering an attack, he hoisted the ‘flag of truce’, a typical way navies signal the desire to talk. The Commanders of both Navies met in neutral waters between their Navies and agreed to stop fighting for that day and to celebrate the ‘Eve of Light’. The ships anchored and their crews went ashore to celebrate with the marines. It is said that the political leaders on both sides were not happy, and were shot. At the end of the day, as the commanders both came to the conclusion that they would both die in the morning if the battle were to go forward. Instead, they agreed to a Truce.

The next morning, both commanders and their navies sailed to ‘Freeport’ to talk with the civilian leaders of the islands. Due to the war, and the inability of any side to control the Milton Islands, the Islands had become independent. The islanders knew that once the war was done, one of the dominant powers would take control of the islands again and they would loss their freedom.  When both navies arrived, the islanders thought that was the day. Instead the Commanders proposed that their squadrons join the Islanders and act as it’s navy and that they all live in freedom.

With a major part of both their Navies refusing to fight, Rosita and Freyland entered into an uneasy cessation of hostilities.

E1705: today

When the 100 Years War came to a stalemate, some folks thought it was a peace, but those who know, know a cold war simmers just below the surface.

A Short History

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