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Campaign overview:

What is the game about?

After a 1000 years of peace and prosperity, the Sunlit Empire came crashing down when the Fae Emperor died unexpectedly and the Fae Houses were thrown into a power struggle.  As the Fae looked within to find a new leader, the Humans, Dwarves and Orcs decided to secede from the Empire and a civil war broke out which lasted for a 100 years.

The civil war came to a stalemate when sizable portions of the Rosian and Freyland Navies made a truce celebrate the “Eve of Light”.  By the end of the festival, the Navies decided to desert and form new country on the Milton Islands. 

It’s been 5 years since the cessation of hostilities. The Milton Islanders have enemies within and all around.  Milton Islands has significant military value, and the various factions of the civil war fought over it repeatedly.  

Who are the characters?

The characters could have lived on the Milton Islands for a long time or are recent immigrants. Maybe they were in the war, maybe they were bystanders affected by the war. The Islands of Sun and Wind has most of the standard fantasy races.  

What is their purpose?

The characters belong to an organization that is trying to keep the Milton Islands free and independent from outside domination and keep the peace between the various communities on the Milton Islands.

What is the core conflict(s) of the campaign?

The Milton Islands have several threats.

  • First, The Kingdoms of Freyland and Rosita & the Confederation of Gunndaar have each tried to take and hold the Milton Islands and each still wants to control the Islands.
  • Second, the original inhabitants of the Milton Islands are an independent lot and did not sided with any side during the civil war. The Islanders actively resisted any uppity outsiders, who tried to tell them what to do.
  • Third, after 1000 years of peace & cooperation between the Fae, Humans, Dwarves & Orcs, the societies of the Island of Sun and Wind are unique because the various races get along, but that all could burst into flames with the right match.  
  • Fourth, the world is changing, bows are giving way to muskets; sea ships are giving way to magical airships.
  • Fifth, the nearby continent has been infested with a strange plague that has ravaged its population. More artifacts of the once powerful “Ancients”, who once controlled the Islands of Sun and Wind, have been found in the past 50 years then in the previous 950. Some say these are here signs that the dark and terrifying enemy could be awakening.

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